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Label Insight GMO Disclosure Statement

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Today, the Senate passed an important bill supporting a Federal Standard for GMO labeling. As an organization that believes in the advancement of all forms of transparency relating to food products and ingredients, Label Insight supports this legislation.


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As an organization that believes in the advancement of transparency between food manufacturers, retailers and consumers, Label Insight supports this legislation. There is a clear consensus that consumers want to know more about what is in their food and how it is produced, and expect manufacturers to provide that information.

Label Insight’s independent research study, titled “Food Revolution” shows:

  • 94% of consumers say it is important to them that the brands and manufacturers they buy from are transparent about what is in their food and how it is made.
  • 83% say they would find value in having access to more in-depth product information
  • 67% say manufacturers should be the party responsible for providing product information to consumers

Federal endorsement of legislation like the National GMO Disclosure Bill shows that consumers’ mandate for more accurate and transparent information about their food is a mandate that Government and Industry can no longer ignore.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), of which Label Insight is a member, has also proclaimed their support for this legislation. Last year, the GMA launched the SmartLabel initiative, providing a new, industry-wide standard for how product information should be provided to consumers via digital labels accessible from smartphones, tablets and computers.

Label Insight is a leading provider of SmartLabel solutions, and our data and tools power over 78% of the 1,150 product pages currently available on Our solution for SmartLabel is just one of many ways that Label Insight is helping to deliver more complete, accurate and transparent product information to consumers.

SmartLabel offers a means for food manufacturers to comply with Federal GMO Disclosure requirements, while minimizing the impact to physical packaging, and delivering this information to consumers in their preferred format of digital labels via smartphone. Label Insight’s SmartLabel solution makes the process of enabling digital labels for GMO disclosure as easy as drag-and-drop, while maintaining premium data quality and best in class SmartLabel execution.

Label Insight strongly supports any initiative that advances transparency between product makers and their customers, and offers simple but powerful tools for manufacturers to accomplish this goal.

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