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Anton Xavier

By: Anton Xavier on November 2nd, 2018

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E-commerce & Omnichannel (and Search) series

E-commerce  |  search  |  omnichannel

In 2019, we have a goal to work towards joining the thought leadership conversation in the area of E-commerce & Omnichannel. This conversation is already taking place on properties such as (to mention a few places where we see interesting content):

To get started with our contribution to this conversation we put together the following 4 posts on e-commerce and the importance of User Experience (in particular search). These are some early thought leadership pieces based on our experiences with the market.

  1. Grocery E-commerce 2.0 - the search challenge: This post makes the argument that some big changes are still to come in the Grocery e-commerce industry. By exploring the trends and history of disruption in other industries we make the argument that the importance of User Experience (proxy for Search) is critical to ubiquitous adoption of grocery e-commerce.
  2. Key to product search is a dynamic scientific taxonomy: In this post, we follow on from the first post to explore what it takes to get data right to enable a game changing search experience, and conclude that it requires a dynamic taxonomy.
  3. The search challenge is breaking data standards: This post explores the implications of a dynamic taxonomy on the industry, going so far as to explain that one of the challenges holding the industry back from making the leap to a better search experience is the data standards that have locked the industry into a static data structure.
  4. 360 Product View vs Single Source of Truth: The final piece in this mini series is a discussion about the concept of the holy grail of the Single Source of Truth (SST). Effectively challenging the way we think about SST to broaden it to encompass all the different product data views needed for each retailer environment. A infinite number of views of a products data that can exist in harmony with a SST if supported by a dynamic taxonomy.


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Anton Xavier is a Co-Founder and founding CEO of Label Insight, and works closely with the marketing and the senior management teams.