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Data Bite: We all scream for ice cream!



Happy Friday and happy National Ice Cream Month! Yes, every July the dairy gods bless us with the holiest of celebrations: An entire month dedicated to our favorite frozen treat. If you’ve been following our DataBite series, you know we’re fans of tapping into our product data engine to uncover interesting intel about grocery product categories. And what yummier of a category than ice cream to get the scoop on.

Here’s what we know:

There are more than 4,000 ice cream and frozen yogurt products available at grocery stores today. We were curious to know more about the flavors dominating freezer aisles, so we narrowed our search. That left us with 1,154 varieties of ice cream. Of these, 30 percent are vanilla, 23 percent chocolate, 17 percent cookie and cake flavor, 9 percent mint, and butter pecan and strawberry are tied at 8 percent.

This kinda jives with what the International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA) reports as the country’s top ice cream flavors: Vanilla, followed by chocolate, then butter pecan.

Should butter pecan surprise you? Nah, consumers are fickle. The IDFA based its finding on a consumer survey, and we all know what we say and what we do are often different. While you might vote chocolate your favorite flavor, it could very well be the unexpected flavor in the freezer case -- like mint chocolate chip -- that grabs your attention (and winds up in your cart).

The moral of this story? Consumer studies and data are important. But so is granular data about your category. You can use it to understand what flavors -- or formulations, or sizes -- are most prevalent, how competitors are cleaning up their labels, or what naturally sourced ingredients are replacing artificial ones. And these are just starters -- the business opportunities really are endless.

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