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DataBite: The great watermelon debate



Summer has officially arrived in Label Insight’s hometown cities, Chicago and St. Louis. Our palettes have switched gears too, and we’re craving the season’s freshest ingredients. Like watermelons. But have you noticed the big change sweeping the watermelon world? They’re going seedless!These smaller, rounder seedless melons are supposedly sweeter and last longer. And it takes quite a bit of breeding work to grow these self-sterile hybrids. (For the full plant story, go here.) So why put in so much work? Like most food innovations, seedless watermelons are the result of consumer preference and demand. We love watermelons, but we don’t love dealing with seeds.

How much has consumer preference swayed watermelon growers? We checked the Label Insight product data engine for the facts. Of the 168 fresh watermelon products in our database, 94 are seedless. That’s a whopping 56 percent. So you’re more likely to grab a seedless watermelon than a seeded one from the produce bin at your local grocer.

It seems the debate between seeded and seedless has a frontrunner. What side are you on?

No matter what side you take, we want to help you innovate. Label Insight’s technology gives food manufacturers an unprecedented view of their category and competition, so you can make smart decisions. Schedule a demo today so we can show you how.