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By: Label Insight Team on October 31st, 2018

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This month in Retail Health & Wellness (October, 2018)

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This post represents the launch of a post series that seeks to curate news, posts, content and activity on the topic of Retail Health and Wellness from LabelInsight and across the market.  


Retail Health & Wellness @Label Insight

FMI & LabelInsight launch Transparency Imperative Report

In October we launched the Transparency Imperative Report which represented a collaboration between FMI and LabelInsight to take on this fundamental shift in the market.  To mark the occasion we provided the following posts that capture high level insights derived from the study:

If you want to skip the insights and dive deep into the study, feel free to download the free report here


Top Content: Retail Health and Wellness 
  • The Business Case for Product Transparency: Transparency is more than just a label. It’s more than just earning consumers’ trust, or simply sharing achievements with sustainability initiatives or product reformulations that removed artificial ingredients. It’s about making internal improvements

  • How SmartLabel Gives Retailer Owned Brands Brands a Competitive Advantage: As it becomes harder and harder to discern the difference between owned and national brands at the shelf, there’s huge opportunity for owned label to differentiate through SmartLabel. 

  • Understanding the impact of High-Order Attributes on the CPG IndustryThe demand for transparency is driving the need for more information which is, in turn, driving the availability of more information. The cycle repeats, driving increased fragmentation of needs, a long tail of demands for granular information that is insatiable and always growing. Where will this take us?



Retail Health & Wellness News How Kroger, Walgreens And Johnson & Johnson Are Using AI To Provide On-Demand Health Support

Consumers make innumerable daily decisions that can impact their health and wellness, and often do so in the absence of resources or guidance that could have enabled them to make healthier choices. Accordingly, as detailed in PSFK’s Retail Health & Wellness report, retailers and brands are capitalizing on this open opportunity to provide support with AI-enabled tools, allowing in-the-moment and on-the-go expertise on everything from nutrition to skin care.

Label Insight comment: This blog post is an insight post from their deep dive Health & Wellness report but is still useful to get an overview of some of the initiatives in play across the market.  How Retailers Like CVS, DSW And LensCrafters Are Taking Wellness To New Heights

Ushering in the next iteration of healthy-living consumerism, merchants are taking on the overtones of the medical, psychotherapeutic and fitness communities. They’re wrapping the sale of “better for you goods” in services and experiences that aim at a kind of holistic, mind-body-soul approach to wellness, from a “Soul Lounge” that sells custom-orthotics at DSW to meditation workshops at Eileen Fisher stores.

Label Insight comment: This article talks about the next iteration of healthy living consumerism and  provides examples in the market of companies who are innovating to create H&W experiences that profit from the growing "self care" generation.  Interesting reading for a sign of things to come. Ahold Delhaize USA eyes ‘cleaner’ private brands

The next several years will see Ahold Delhaize USA adopting a distinctly “better for you” policy with its private brands.  Retail Business Services (RBS), the company’s services subsidiary, said Wednesday it plans to make its portfolio of private label products “cleaner and more natural” through the removal of synthetic colors, MSGs and high-fructose corn syrup as well as artificial flavors, preservatives and sweeteners by 2025.

Label Insight comment: This is yet another retailer who is moving to improve their inventory from a health & wellness perspective.  This follows the huge success of Kroger's Simple Truth private label products. Raley's puts its personalization strategy online

The next phase of Raley's personalization-focused strategy is a new website.  The California-based grocer is inviting shoppers to explore the new, which features an enhanced customer experience with an improved e-commerce interface centering on health and wellness.

Label Insight comment:   Raley's is one of the leader's in online Health and wellness and we're privaledged to be working with them on their journey.  This article is a good indication of where the bar is heading for those who want to offer their shoppers a best in class health and wellness shopping experience online.




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