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By: Label Insight Team on October 19th, 2018

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This month in CatMan (October, 2018)

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Happy Friday from the Label Insight team!!  This post kicks off a regular series to capture and curate category management2.0 news that we find relevant to the future of attribute driven category management. Whole Foods campaigns for six emerging brands that rival traditional candies and snacks

Whole Foods kicked off a campaign across the US earlier this month to promote six emerging candy and snack brands that offer healthy alternatives, such as KitKat.

Label Insight comment: We found this one interesting because it directly relates to what an attribute driven market will look like going forward. Supercharge Your Customer-Centric Category Planning with Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) promises category managers the ability to act on real-time insights delivered by customer behavior data. But, to reap the rewards of leveraging shopper insight to instantly inform decision-making, they need to move beyond the limitations of traditional legacy system and manual process approaches. We all learn to crawl before we can run, and it’s no different for category managers when employing new technologies.

Label Insight comment: We found this one interesting because it directly relates to what an attribute driven market will look like going forward. CatMan + Transparency: Discover How Transparency and Attribute-Driven Buying Behavior Are Evolving Category Management. (whitepaper)

Learn how Category Management practitioners can unlock hidden buying trends and growth white spaces to deliver portfolio and category growth. Consumer demand for transparency is one of the most powerful attitudinal trends driving shopper behavior, and it’s changing the way the CPG industry operates. In the age of transparency and digital experiences, consumers are making purchase decisions based on product features and attributes not typically included on packaging or employed in the practice of category management. Today’s consumers want to see everything from ingredient definitions, country of origin, to sustainability practices.

Label Insight comment: We fundamentally believe CatMan2.0 is going to further evolve to cater towards the attribute driven market. How to Be a Category Captain in Today's CPG World (an oldie but a goodie)

A category captain is a person or team of people who help a buyer at a retailer drive the retailer’s sales through a focus on tactics and strategies that deliver that category’s shopper.The tactics and strategies are developed from insights obtained through marketplace analysis of what drives shopper purchases. A category captain is an unbiased analyst who works to deliver the retailer’s goals for the category.

Label Insight comment: And oldie but a goodie. Our position, of course is that there is a need for better product attribute data to augment CatMan2.0 to CatMan2.1 for an attribute driven market. 

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