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Learn about big data technology and trends for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries.

Sairah Anwar

Sairah is an experienced Product Leader driving CPG Content Solutions at Label Insight. Sairah and team are responsible for providing CPGs with a seamless experience in managing, enriching, and integrating content for SmartLabel, brand websites, and Product Information Management (PIM), including setting up content for retail distribution. Sairah is dedicated to ideating features that have a strong business value and bring delight to users.

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Set Your Product Data Up For Success With Efficient And Effective Item Setup

Content generation and optimization is now easier than ever with Label Insight Item Setup! Brands can leverage our latest solution to save time and effort in the current manual and time consuming item setup process, ensuring accurate and comprehensive product data for your retail customers. 

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Label Insight Launches Fresh PLU Support to Help Grocery Retailers Meet the Needs of Online Shoppers

As consumers increasingly move online to buy groceries, fresh food products still represent a unique challenge for grocery retailers. According to a survey by Mintel, just one in ten Americans reports having bought fresh produce, meat, poultry, and fish through e-commerce with a majority of respondents pointing to a lack of trust in freshness, food safety concerns, and an inability to see, touch, and sample the product. Historically, the lack of label information and data on these products has been a challenge for retailers. By leveraging the USDA’s Nutritional Database for Standard Reference (SR), we are excited to announce that Label Insight is now able to deliver nutrient and serving size information for any product with a standard Price Look-Up or PLU code. This new offering also enables retailers to expand attribution across these products, highlighting key standard and custom attributes such as “Organic”, “In-Season”, and “Dietitian’s Pick”. 

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Onboarding  |  Retailer Solutions  |  health & wellness

Product Update: Onboarding

What’s new in Label Insight onboarding? We've been working hard to improve our already best in class Onboarding platform that powers our Retail Health and Wellness Data solution. Our onboarding platform is an integral part of our solution for retailers and their Health and Wellness product data. We work closely with retailers to ensure that we engage and onboard product data for all of their suppliers. To date, our success rate is approximately 90%, meaning that on average with our retail partners, we manage to get 90% or more of their products onboarded. An accurate and up-to-date representation of a retailers assortments is critical to the success of an effective data driven health and wellness program. Below you can find some of the new features and challenges we've been working on recently to improve the process.

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