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Amazon’s New Default Setting

Posted by Patrick Moorhead on June 26, 2017

Data Driven Experiences for Bricks + Clicks

Amazon Just Turned Up the Heat on All Retailers to Embrace Ecommerce

With its proven tech infrastructure and scale, Amazon's acquisition of Whole Foods adds a highly valuable, much needed pile of bricks to Amazon’s brick+click equation, combining their industry leading customer & marketplace intelligence with a scaled distribution footprint and built-in consumer base for grocery. This move signals that it’s time for conventional retail to get serious about technological innovation, e-commerce, and consumer experience.  For conventional grocers, Amazon has just made your 3 year e-commerce and innovation strategy obsolete. 

Image via: My Private Brand

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What Does Your Product Data Say About Your Brand?

Posted by Patrick Moorhead on October 5, 2016

Right now, millions of shoppers are typing your brand into the search bar on their smart phones, and they aren’t looking to watch your latest TV spot. Consumers are actively seeking detailed product information before they buy, and their ability to find complete, accurate data has a dramatic effect on their purchase decisions, both today, and over time. Consumers' first contact with your brand is increasingly via mobile search, not advertising. What is your product data saying about your brand today?

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Label Insight GMO Disclosure Statement

Posted by Patrick Moorhead on July 8, 2016

Today, the Senate passed an important bill supporting a Federal Standard for GMO labeling. As an organization that believes in the advancement of all forms of transparency relating to food products and ingredients, Label Insight supports this legislation.

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