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Learn about big data technology and trends for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries.

Natalie Focht

Non Food Data Specialist Label Insight

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Trends & Research  |  expo

Trendspotting at the Natural Products Expo can be a key to growth

One type of value we deliver to our customers at Label Insight is the ability to tap into our robust product attribute data to uncover emerging consumer trends that can help grow their business. Related to emerging consumer trends, I had the opportunity to attend the recent Natural Products Expo in Baltimore, MD that showcased new products from some of the world’s most innovative natural food manufacturers. Although the insight I gained was not powered by our intellectual property or machine learning, it provided a compelling view into a number of interesting trends that might just turn into the “next big thing”.  

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Blog Feature

DataBite  |  regulation

"Naturally Sourced" Sunscreen growing 7 times faster.

As the summer sun finally triumphed over the clouds that plagued the Midwest all spring, the FDA released a timely proposal that may change regulations on a summertime necessity: sunscreen.   In 1978, the FDA began instituting guidelines designed to keep up with the ever-changing research on sunscreen efficacy and safety. At that time, the ceiling for recommended SPF labeling value was set at 15, a world away from the sky-high numbers we see today. The FDA believes that these excessively high advertised SPF values are misleading to consumers because, against conventional wisdom, SPF 100 does not protect twice as well as SPF 50. Consequently, one of the main points of the new proposed rule is to cap SPF labeling at 60+, although the sale of products prepared with SPF values up to 80 will still be permitted as to not stifle beneficial research and innovative formulations.

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