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John Veltri

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This year in category management

Category management at Label Insight The first part of this year focused on validating the hypothesis that Label Insight high-order attributes (HOAs) could be useful for Category Management (CatMan) professionals. We attended the CMA Conference in February, where we talked to Category Managers, validating that there is a future in using HOAs for Category Management. Throughout the spring and early summer, we then set to complete a full category review using our HOAs and worked closely with Gordon Wade, industry veteran in Category Management. The end goal was to publish a white paper on “Innovating in Category Management,” demonstrating how HOAs are essential to the next generation of the practice.

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Blog Feature

Trends & Research

Using Data Science, Raley's Gains Competitive Advantage Through Transparency

The stakes for transparency as they relate to food and beverage products are higher today than ever. According to Nielsen, 59% shoppers find it difficult to understand nutrition facts on food packaging [1], and the ability to recognize ingredients is the most influential factor for them to sway a purchase decision on these types of products [2]. Take these consumer demands for transparency and combine them with the ultra-competitive grocery retail industry that continues to consolidate, most recently with the AMZN-WFM deal, and it becomes more apparent that traditional grocery needs to provide a reason beyond price to gain and maintain shopper loyalty.

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