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Angie Kling RD, LD, Manager, Food & Beverage Team

Angie Kling, RD, LD, Manager Food & Beverage Team at Label Insight. As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and Licensed Dietitian, Angie brings a unique skillset to the company. She performs analyses through taxonomies, such as ingredients, certifications and nutrients, enabling clients to create custom attributes. She’s also a go-to source for intel on industry trends, federal regulations and global standards.

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Retailer Solutions  |  health & wellness

Understanding a dietitian's impact on health & wellness programs across retailers

There is no surprise that consumers are demanding transparency more than ever. When a consumer walks into a grocery store, they want to be catered to. They want their shopping experience to be quick, effortless and, ultimately, applicable to them and their families. So long are the days of shopping for necessity and just picking up bread and butter. Now, it’s about ensuring that bread is Whole Grain or Gluten Free and that butter is Non GMO or Paleo.   "Having our dietitians collaborate with a retailer’s dietitians, we’ve noticed great success across multiple programs" Angie Kling, RD, LD, Manager, Food & Beverage Team Label Insight.   With so many diets and trends throughout the industry, it’s important that retailers, particularly the dietitians at the retailers, understand how to capture the interests of all their shoppers. We know that most retailers already have a health and wellness program in place, but ensuring it’s differentiated and personalized is one way retailers can stay on top of the trends while still meeting grocer’s demands.  

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National Nutrition Month: Savor the flavor of cilantro

March is National Nutrition Month and this year’s theme is Savor the Flavor of Eating Right. We can all name good-for-you foods that are full of flavor -- like berries and sweet potatoes and pistachios. But often, fresh herbs are overlooked when it comes to identifying key players in a healthy diet. Instead, lean meats, leafy greens and dark-colored fruits and veggies seem to steal the show. However, incorporating fresh herbs into your diet can provide just as many health benefits as popular fruits and veggies.

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