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Learn about big data technology and trends for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) and retail industries.

Abbie Bys

Abbie is director of product development at Label Insight, overseeing the optimization of our SaaS platform providing CPG manufacturers and retailers the ability to unlock information and insights around food labels. She manages the planning and strategy of short- and long-term visions of the product based on market needs and user experience.

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The ROI of LabelSync - Improved Operational Efficiency

There are 4 key returns on investment (ROI) stories that we help our customers to understand before they make a decision about LabelSync. All can be found here, outlined on the LabelSync solution page. Today we’re going to dive into “Improved Operational Efficiency” to better understand how and why a CPG manufacturer would get a return on their investment in LabelSync.   Who is LabelSync for? To start with, LabelSync is a best-in-class solution that helps CPG manufacturers and brands manage their product data for digital transparency. The LabelSync solution is for brands who want to finally solve their digital product data challenge, after years of struggling to create, verify, and manage product data that meets all needs. LabelSync is utilized for such use cases as best-in-class SmartLabel product data (there is an option to add on the pages for an all-in-one solution) but can also go beyond SmartLabel to power all digital product data initiatives.

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This year in SmartLabel

SmartLabel at Label Insight As 2018 comes to a close, we are reflecting on what we have accomplished in our product development of the Publisher platform. Our customers have spoken and we have listened, and we acknowledge the need for continued iteration cycles and hope to release updates in Q2. In the beginning of the year, we heard the need to have more workflow tools. We added in the thumbs up/thumbs down feature for reviews, which over 90% of our SmartLabel customers use. We also added robustness to the change log to make auditing easier. 

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