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John Veltri

By: John Veltri on April 4th, 2019

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Attributes for Insight and Category Management Update

Product Updates  |  high-order attributes  |  Explore+

My name is John Veltri, and I am a product manager at Label Insight, responsible for the success of our joint offering, Nielsen Product Insider (NPI), as well as our solution offerings of using attributes for insight and category management. I’ve been with Label Insight for a bit over two years now, where prior to leading our product efforts for these use cases, I was responsible for other joint offerings Label Insight has with our connected partners. I’ve been working within the CPG, Retail and Analytics industry for the last seven years, and am incredibly passionate about using data to innovate and bring new offerings to market in this rapidly-evolving industry.

In my day-to-day, I’m constantly thinking about ways we can make it easier and faster for our customers to realize insights about their category and see more value from using Label Insight data. This could mean anything from partnering with industry powerhouses such as Nielsen to integrate derived high-order attributes (HOAs) into a portfolio of advanced Analytics offerings, making it easier for Label Insight’s customers to join high-order attributes with other data sources in their data lakes, or making it easier to analyze data directly in our Explore platform.

Today we have two offerings supporting these category management and “Attributes for Insight” use cases, the first being Explore+. As previously stated we’ve made significant product updates to Explore+ over the last quarter, including a complete redesign of our Export functionality, which is critical for allowing our customers to join together Label Insight’s high-order attributes with various other data, including sales volumetrics, pricing, or our customer’s own category hierarchy. We’re continuing to work to make it as easy and quick as possible to realize insight, and take business actions from learnings using Label Insight attribution.

Our second offering supporting category management and “Attributes for Insight” use cases is our joint offering with Nielsen, NPI. Over the last six months, NPI has seen strong growth with our product type support, now expanded to include product types with new Facts Panels such as Household Cleaners and Infant Formula. NPI’s available characteristics has also now grown to over 300, with support for new views including Plant-Based Proteins, Sweeteners, and Essentials (Packaging Claims & Certifications), as well as an ever-growing list of supported trending ingredients.

We have also seen more interest in customers using NPI characteristics for advanced analytics offerings. Most recently, one of our joint Retail customers for NPI partnered with Nielsen’s Retail Analytics team to better understand which characteristics their shoppers would be willing to pay more for. The study found that there were certain characteristics across the U.S. where shoppers were less sensitive to price, and where prices could be raised without significant impact to unit volume.

As we look forward, we hope that high-order attributes will be an integrated part of every CPG manufacturer’s category management and Market Insights activities through both our own offerings, and offerings with our valued industry partners.

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About John Veltri

John leads Product Management for E-Commerce Insights at Label Insight. John has spent the last 8 years helping Brands & Retailers use insights and data to inform new product development, brand innovation, and e-commerce strategy. He’s passionate about empowering others to live healthier, happier lives, and has worked to bring technology products to market, helping brands like Purina, Conagra, Nielsen, IRI, and others use data to uncover trends and generate new revenue.