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Anton Xavier is a Co-Founder of Label Insight. With experience in management, operations and marketing, Anton has led the Label Insight team from its inception in Australia and subsequent move to the US, to its current position as a market leading, cloud-based product data engine. Completing postgraduate degrees in Australia, Anton gained invaluable management and marketing experience working with a variety of firms in Asia.

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Transparency is a Game Changer. Here are the New Rules

Posted by Anton Xavier on June 1, 2017

Disruptive Innovation: Welcome to a New Game

I recently ordered an automatic fish feeder for the twenty five fish that are part of my aquaponics system that’s sustainably producing salad and tomatoes for my small family of three. I hopped on and instantly filtered out all the automatic feeders that had less than 4 stars, then filtered to only those that can deliver to France (where I currently live). I then started diving into some of the products that looked good, and explored the product attributes - I had never bought an automatic feeder before, and so I was simultaneously educating myself on what was important and what the different brands stood for. This lead me to me filtering out a variety of brands that I had no interest in (the low cost ones), and then finally making a decision.

Just two days later, it showed up at my door. 

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Food Manufacturing: How Big Food Can Stay Ahead of Food Trends

Posted by Anton Xavier on July 12, 2016

In a recent article on Food Manufacturing titled How Big Food Can Stay Ahead of Food Trends, I answered some questions about the wants and needs of consumers in the Big Food industry. Nearly three in every four consumers consider whether they have access to the full list of ingredient information when making purchase decisions, based on our recent Food Revolution study

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3 Ways Custom Product Data Views Help Retailers Stand Out

Posted by Anton Xavier on May 24, 2016

Retailers have been quick to react to consumers’ increasing demand for product data transparency and have been somewhat successful in providing more product information. This is most evident in the shelf tag health-and-wellness programs we’ve seen in stores for the past several years (think: those small tags on store shelves that call out claims like organic, gluten free or heart healthy). While these initiatives have been limited to a set number of health attributes, they have provided retailers with a first glimpse into the challenges and opportunities surrounding product data transparency.  

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Beyond our Series B: What’s next for Label Insight

Posted by Anton Xavier on February 12, 2016

This week, Label Insight announced raising $10 million in Series B funding led by KPMG Capital. To say this is an exciting and pivotal moment for the company would be an understatement. This funding represents validation -- validation of our mission and the work we’ve put into solving the product data challenge facing the CPG industry. Beyond this, the addition of KPMG Capital bolsters our already exciting board and partner network. In 2016, we will lead the industry in tackling product data transparency and we know that our partners will be key supporters of this drive.  

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How Brands Can Win With Consumers by Going Beyond the Package Label

Posted by Anton Xavier on January 27, 2016

On Monday, a new study by Deloitte, the Food Marketing Institute (FMI) and the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) was released that showcased some of the evolving factors influencing customer decisions in food and beverage purchases. These findings were very much aligned with what Label Insight is seeing in the industry and what we’ve heard from our customers.

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Transparency is the opportunity with SmartLabel™ -- and the biggest challenge

Posted by Anton Xavier on January 11, 2016

A recent article on NPR explored the new GMA and FMI sponsored SmartLabel™ initiative and its potential to bring increased transparency to consumers around product information. It was a well balanced article exploring several perspectives and focusing on Hershey’s implementation of SmartLabel.

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SmartLabel: Why it matters, and why now

Posted by Anton Xavier on December 14, 2015

Earlier this month I wrote about the Grocery Manufacturers Association’s (GMA) launch of SmartLabel, a first-of-its-kind transparency initiative that will give consumers easy, instant access to detailed information about the products they use and consume. This is a great step forward for the food industry. With SmartLabel, we’re giving consumers a complete look at what is and isn’t in the foods they eat.

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SmartLabel Launch Brings Transparency to Food Industry

Posted by Anton Xavier on December 3, 2015

Yesterday, the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA), the voice of leading food, beverage and consumer product companies, announced the launch of SmartLabel, a first-of-its-kind transparency initiative that will give consumers easy, instant access to detailed information about the products they use and consume.

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